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Festival 2016 Journey Report

Posted by Steve on October 26, 2016 at 6:20 AM




Outcome 1 Community

Festival 2016





1.0 – Background.

We put in our plan for 2016 that we would hold a festival week with lots of community events held by local people for local people. We set ourselves the budget of £6,000.00. We invested the budget into lots of activities which covered all ages throughout one week during the summer holidays 2016.

2.0 –Methodology .

We encouraged people in the community who hold regular events to re brand them for the festival week in the hopes that it would encourage more people to engage regularly. We funded local community groups to hold one off events during festival week to encourage people to engage in the area. We advertised the events through our local newsletter and developed a passport for the festival with a local computer club.



3.0 –Implementation.

We started holding festival meetings about eight months before the event was due to take place inviting many local Residents and stakeholders along to put in their ideas of how the festival would run. The meetings enable great discussion to take place about what would be the best way forward and how to engage many local Residents and community groups. We managed to include at least two events on every day of the festival week held by different community groups or businesses within the Big Local area. We funded small amounts towards activities during the week and also provided larger pots of funding for three fundays during the week, a Launch ran by Westy Community Action Group, Fun day at our other community centre St Margaret’s and a finale on Westy park where the Big Local paid for many events to attend and put on their services for free to local people.







4.0 – Ideas Taken Forward. The festival was a huge success and we had lots of good engagement with local people, over …. Surveys were completed, allowing us to get the Big Local message out to the whole community. Many events took place as they usually would but joined in and rebranded with the festival for that one week which I hope ensured that more people are now engaging ion regular events in the community due to the help we gave in advertising those local groups during the festival week. Moving forward we need to engage those people who can help us to deliver the festival again year on year with good engagement and great community spirit. We would like to look at a way of delivering the festival but also bring in some revenue to keep the festival going once the Big Lottery funding has gone. During our next community meeting we need to push forward with ideas about how to make this project sustainable for future years and get the right stakeholders and residents involved who can provide the right support.




5.0 – Required Future Activity

Organise one off festival events

Meet with service providers to allow engagement of said services with community during festival.

Use community projects in the area to bring in new ideas of how to deliver a bigger better festival year on year.

Look at revenue options for future events.


6.0 – Conclusions

The festival is a positive community building project which with the right help and stakeholders can move forward year on year and be improved and built upon. Creating a stronger community which works well together. The events we have held so far have all been positive and with the right planning can continue to be the biggest community event held in Latchford.

Our community has shown strong connections by working together to provide a full week of community activity with everyone playing their small part and creating a huge impact in the area.


7.0 – Quotes


















8.0 – Photos

Individual events around the festival week.


David Mowat MP signed our Big Local Survey at the Festival Launch. David Mowat, David Keane PCC, along with Cllr Mundry Chair of The Big Local Parnership had a meeting to discuss progress on the Partnership. David Mowat and David Keane were happy to hear about the successes and were also made aware of the challenges the Partnership Faces. Both were supportive of the Project and wanted to be kept informed. Hans thanked them for attending.








David Mowat, David Keane, Deputy Mayor of Warrington Cllr Les Morgan, Cllr Karen Mundry and Chair of “Latch Ford Big Local Partnership” Cllr Hans Mundry. The Deputy Mayor opened the week long Festival and spent the afternoon enjoying the event and talking to residents.


















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