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Journey Report Forrest School

Posted by Steve on October 26, 2016 at 6:25 AM




Outcome 2 Youth Engagement

Forest School












1.0 – Background The Youth Engagement team decided that holding a forest school in the local area would benefit local children and families. During the YEP meetings we discussed the best location to hold this event but was disappointed to find that Westy Park was not an option as a venue due to some red tape and insurance issues. St Margaret’s was mentioned as an alternative venue and Michelle Hayes contacted a service provider and asked them to come to the venue and let us know if it would be feasible to hold a forest school event at St Margaret’s.

There was a budget available for the YEP team to apply for and we applied to the Partnership to fund two events at St Margaret’s and one at Lumbrook woods.

2.0 – Methodology

Proposal was sent to the partnership to agree funding.

Marketing around the events took place mainly on social media forum using facebook to target the local mums with children within the set age range of 5-10.

Bookings were taken for the first two events held at St Margaret’s, parents were then spoken to directly during their first attendance about the trip to lumbrook woods enabling the children who took part in the first two sessions to attend the coach trip as an extra event.

3.0 – Implementation

The project was pushed from initiation and funding received, by all of the YEP team. We felt that this would be a positive project to run locally and give local kids the chance to take part in this activity for free. The uptake of this project was good and we had six attendees at both sessions held at the community centre and fourteen at the Lumbrook woods event. Bookings were taken by the Coordinator of St Margaret’s and the events were supported well by the venue.

We booked Fairy forest school based in Warrington and the owner of the company produced a package for the events at St Margaret’s after having done a health and safety risk assessment. Rawdon was a brilliant source of support in regards to what service he could provide at the venue.

The children learnt about safety around fires and how to build dens safely. They had an amazing time, learnt so much and spent quality time with their grown ups. The adults all reported that they had great quality time with their children.





4.0 – Ideas Taken Forward

We will be holding this event in future as it was very successful and had a positive impact on local young families who possibly would not have benefitted from an event such as this if Big Local had not of funded the event and transport. The feedback we received was please let us know about future events and how lovely it was that the parents and grown ups could get involved in the activity and spend quality time with the children.



5.0 – Required Future Activity

The Big Local Partnership will evaluate the event and hopefully the funding allocated in the three year plan will allow us to run similar events over the next three years to benefit the community.

Keep in touch with the parents who attended and engaged during this project to ensure continued engagement and investment into these families.

6.0 – Conclusions.

This event was a huge success and had great engagement, we have recently handed out certificates from the Big Local to those children who have taken part in this project which has seen further engagement from these families as they attended a celebration evening to receive their certification. This continued engagement is what The Big Local is all about and the crossover of activities and joint projects will allow engagement in many different forms throughout the community. We should use these unplanned outcomes to plan future projects to enable this to happen more frequently in our community.


7.0 – Quotes


8.0 – Photos



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