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UPDATE Autumn 2014



Autumn Update 2014

Hello and welcome to our Autumn Update we hope you find it useful and don't forget if you need our help please dont't hesitate to get in touch.


Following representations made by us we have secured the first round of renewed street ighting.  The project is to install the lighting fits in with the concerns raised by our residents and was a key part of our Ward Plan.  We recently wrote in to the Council and asked that they completed the work as soon as possible.  Let us know if you have any concerns.



Following many requests about improving Knutsford Road we are pleased that the road from Black Bear Bridge to Kingsway South is being done.  We have specifically asked that during these works the dangerous flood at the LIDL crossing be addressed we have been told that that is being done.



Update,  20mph Signs are all in place and the Police are monitoring the roads, recently they were pulling up speeding drivers on Wash Lane.  The reason we have the 20mpn limit is to make it safer for our community.  We have a lot of children in the area and we want them to be safe.  The police will be looking at all our streets and will take the appropriate action.  Please help our community by sticking to the 20mph. Thank you



UPDATE August 2014

Hopefully you will have or are going to recive the Latest Latchford News.  August tends to be a quieter month as schools on hoiday and families taking a well earned rest. 

We know it is getting even tougher for our community and changes in services are having a massive impact on our community.  This is why me and Hans are working hard with and for our community to get the services we need. 

We have identified that sometimes service providers do not always recognise our needs as they should.  We are working as part of the Latch Ford Big Local Partnership to produce the funding bid which will hoepfully realise a miillion poinds of social enterprise funding within our community over the next ten years. We will keep you informed of any progress and if we are successful.

We are working with Central Neighbourhood Board to address key issues and we are working with Golden Gates Housing Trust who are providing a job club in Saint Margaret's.

By working in partnership we can make a difference and we have a proud record in our community of getting stuck in to make a difference, but we need these organisations to support us.

Lighting improvements are going to make our area brighter and safer and over time all our strret lamps will be replaced by the new energy efficient lamps, this will take some time to complete.

 We eventually got the council to cut the grass in front of Boteler School, if you have any concerns about untidy areas please let us know.  We are also exploring ways our community can get together and help us keep Latchford East clean and tidy.

Surgeries resume in September at the usual times on Fridays, but if you need us in the meantime you can always email or phone us or drop in to Saint Margaret's most mornings where Steve will be happy to see you.


UPDATE July 2014

We are pleased to have, with our colleagues at, "Saint Margaret's Community Hub", "LECRA" , "Ward Forum" and "The Latch Ford Big Local", put on two very successful celebration evenings (pictures can be seen on Flickr).  Over the years we have supported the local community with small grants which have made a massive difference to them.  But not only do we do that we are also active in all these groups.  We believe that your Councillors should work with you and we are both committed to ensuring our community is successful, because we are part of the community and work in the groups we fully understand the challenges we face, at the same time we are immensely proud of what we achieve together.  The celebration evenings were to celebrate and acknowledge the work of our community and its fantastic volunteers.  Well done!

Westy Community Centre Action Group are working hard to make the Centre a viable community assett.  We are working with them and other agencies including the Council to get the best deal for the Community Centre and the surrounding Westy Park.

You may have noticed the improvements to Latchford Village which really make a difference. We are particularly pleased that following our requests and pressure we were able to complete paths along Thelwall Lane and get the area opposite the old railway pub relayed with new blocks and bike racks put in and the adjacent  carpark resurfaced.

We have asked that swing on Loushers Lane Park is fixed. 

Westy Community Centre Action Group are organising a fund day on Saturday 26th of July this is a great chance for our community to get together and discover what is going on and in particular find out more about The Latch Ford Big Local Partnership, of which Hans and Steve are members.  So come on down and join us on Westy Park and in Westy Community Centre. 






We continue to work in the best interests oh f our Residents.  we hold regular advice surgeries and we support all our local community groups.  Through the Ward Forum we have been able to assist groups with small pots of money to help them deliver their services to our community .

Latchford Village improvements update

Councillors' Column June 2013 update

 Click on link to see Steve inspecting new lighting this is on Kingsway South where new lighting is being installed.  This is helping to improve safety on one of our main through routes and one of our busiest roads.

 Well it looks like summer has finally made an appearance, We have some good news,, for our residents that all our Street Lights are going to be replaced by the new energy efficient lamps and the difference they make is amazing.  

We continue to press our Council on issues that matter to us here in Latchford East.  One major concern at the moment is speeding traffic on Thelwall Lane, we are working with council and police on trying to improve this.  

We have prevented the closure of Westy Community Centre and are now working hard to make it an efficient and effective centre for our community, if you want to help give us a call.  

We have managed to get major funding for Saint Margaret's" Latchford's Community Hub" as you may know Steve is the Centre Coordinator and Hans is a Trustee, we are proud what our team of volunteers continue to provide at the Hub, come down and see us for a brew any week day morning you will be most welcome and impressed by the services on offer.

During the half term The Hub has been working with youngsters and they have been brilliant, they are helping with the garden and getting involved in the recycle regenerate project run by our brilliant volunteer Jenny Lawrinson, as soon as we have some pictures we will publish on this site.

If you need help and advice please do not hesitate to contact us we are here for you.


Best wishes Steve and Hans 

Nursery News. Update June 2013

Take a look at news page and Calender for news about After School Club that we are supporting at Latchford's Community Hub.  Latchford Hubbingtons is a newly formed Link Club although it is not a nursery as such it is making after school care once again available locally for our community, if you would like to make use of this service contact Louise.

Seve and Hans are pleased to report that their campaign to have a nursery back at Westy Sure Start is on the cards again.  They have persuaded the Council to open the nursery to tenders.  So hopefully a provider will be found and a nursery reopened on the site. 


Councillors' Column Summer 2012

08 09 2012 Following requests by Steve and Hans the lighting on Woolacombe Close has now been replaced and improved. 



Not the best Summer on record but we here in Latchford East are still get on with our lives.  We see much tougher it is getting out there and are seeing more of our community being hurt by the cuts.  We will do our best to help our community in these tough times and we are always available to offer what assistance we can, and you can rest assured that we are fighting for the best outcomes for our community including improving our CREDIT UNION.

Please come along to the fun sports day on 5th August.  It will be a good day to enjoy in a traditional family fun day.  We are keeping it simple to show that the park can be enjoyed as a family without costing the earth.  As Chairman and Treasurer of Friends of Westy Park and Loushers Lane Parks we are determined that we have the best facilities for our community.  So please come along on the 5th.

We are getting many pot holes in roads and pavements fixed if you spot one that needs doing  please let us know.

We are working closely with our schools and have attended lots of events.

We have helped raise funds for local community centres and local groups. 

We are always available to be contacted by phone, email or surgery.  If you need help please give us a call.  Steve and Hans


Latchford East Councillors' Surgery Times



 Wash Lane School Rooms Christ Church Each Friday 10.30 am until 11.00 am

St Margaret’s Community Centre Each Friday 11 am until 12 noon

 Westy Community Centre 12 noon till 12.30pm


We have  made some progress with our requests for 20 mile per hour zones on roads off Kingsway South and Loushers Lane. Unfortunately this can’t happen over night and there will be a process to go through but you can rest assured that we will be putting as much pressure on as we can to facilitate the introduction of 20mph speed limits without undue delay.  We are hoping to be included in the next round of roll out.




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Well summer what we had of it is behind us and we look forward to the winter months. Let's hope we don't have it too bad. We have been busy as ever and have had to deal with many issue for our constituents. Please if you need our help don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

Sadly the “flood-lit all weather pitch” at Westy Community Centre was removed by the Council due to health and safety concerns the pitch had been neglected by the previous administration, despite our requests, to such an extent that it had become dangerous.
We have directed the Council to come up with costings to fit floodlights on the new MUSA built by Friends of Westy Park as an alternative. We will keep an eye on progress.
The slide at Loushers Lane park was stolen and hopefully by the time you are reading this it should have been replaced. This park with its new play areas has been a great success and we along with Friends of Loushers Lane Park are proud of our achievemnet in raising the money against the odds. This in the main was down to our dogged determination and of course your support throughout our extensive consultation period.




Ward Profile





We have been busy working with our community on a range of important issues.  We secured the funding for Loushers Lane park along with LECRA and Friends of Loushers Lane Park.  See gallery for pictures.

Working with Trustees at Saint Margaret's we have helped to set up a cafe which is now providing meals and beverages Monday to Friday see Callendar.

We led the Call-in at the Council to save Walton Gardens from private development which would have seen the Park dominated by a massive Hotel complex, that would have ended up with Warringtonians being denied the full access to this piece of our heritage for leisure.  Following our Call-in the plans were removed and the Gardens remain there for us to use. 

1.We have had Grammar School road resurfaced.

2.We have helped hundreds of constituents with there issues.

3.We have kept in touch with constituents through surgeries and regular correspondence and News Letters.

4.We have reported Lights, paths, potholes and housing issues.

If you visit us at our Surgery we will treat you issue seriously and confidentially and we will do what we can to try and help.  We can't always get the outcome you want but we will try for you.

Thank you for taking part in the Local Election held in May.  Councillor Mundry was pleased to be re-elected as your local Councillor alongside Steve Wright.   We will continue to represent our Community at every level and thank you for the continued support you have given to us.


Steve and Hans.  09/08/2011


 This past year (2010) has been a very busy one for us as your elected representatives. We have held weekly surgeries over the whole of the Ward and have dealt with many issues rightly raised by residents. We fought hard to bring back the Ranger Service to Black Bear Park and although not achieved we have not given up, because we as local residents understand and appreciate the value that they provided.

We are pleased that our plans to improve Latchford Village have been done, but we believe there is still further to do. We have had extra bins put in the village and asked that lighting and cleaning are done on a weekly basis and that the paths are improved up to the Railway Pub. We have had the lights on subways fixed and graffiti removed, we regularly walk the area and report any issues we find. Recently we have had a lot of fly tipping and we have had this removed.

We have met with police on a regular basis and again have made clear our concerns and directed the police to our identified hot spots. The police have been very responsive to our requests.

We have attended community meetings and dealt with any issues brought to our attention.

Floods We have written in and raised concerns about the unacceptable flooding in our streets and on our roads. We had Loushers Lane and Wash Lane gulleys jetted following the floods last year and there has been a significant improvement. Lindley Avenue, Bowman Avenue and Brook Avenue also have been reported and we expect to see improvements to these. Mersey Walk Fence fixed and trees along river thinned out. We have had pot holes repaired and roads resurfaced

Loushers Lane Park Councillors are putting a funding bid together to benefit local community and have secured £27000 to date.

Sir Thomas Boteler School Hans and Steve are pleased to hear the news that government funding has been awarded for the much needed improvements to the school and we are sure our young people will benefit from this for the years to come.






Seasons Greetings

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support you have given to us over the years. We will continue to work hard on your behalf. As local residents we are fully aware of the issues that concern you and your families. We remain easy to get hold of through our weekly surgeries, telephone, email and by meeting you as we walk around. Your views and concerns are important to us and we would like to thank you for the response to the survey we put out during the Summer months. We are continuing to contact the respondents and would like to assure you that the issues raised are being dealt with appropriately. Finally we hope you had a Merry Christmas and would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. Steve and Hans


 Westy Park




As members of Friends Of Westy Park we have together helped get our new Multi Use Sports Area and paths. This is a further demonstration of what we can achieve when we all pull together.