Latchford East Community and Residents Assocation 

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AGENDA AGM LECRA 25th November 2015


Annual Report
Including Treasurer’s Report
Chairs Report
Election of Officers:



Ward Forum

Election of Committee

Open Forum / Guest Speaker

Close Meeting


Lecra AGM Minutes 2013-2014

  1. Chair welcomed all present and asked for apologies.

  2. Apologies; Naomi Wright, Jason Mundry and Hans Mundry.

At this point in the meeting Steve asked everyone to hold a minutes silence in memory of Mr. Mike Maher who has recently passed away, Mike was a great activist in the local area and has done so much to support all of the local areas groups and activities.

3.    Minutes of 2013 AGM, John O’Brien moved them as a true record and John Ryan seconded.

4.    Matters arising, none at this point.

5.    Annual Report, Steve talked those present through the annual report details  and spoke a little about Mike Mahers funeral and how fitting it was.  He also spoke a little about Mikes achievements and how involved he was with LECRA and the other local groups he supported.  St Margarets will be holding a commemorative event for him in 2015.

The accounts have been audited and barry talked through the details of the accounts for 2013 stating that they are open for viewing at anytime.

    £4,240.02 was the amount in the bank account at the end of 2013

    £3,113.42 is the total at present although a new bank statement is due any day.

The annual grant we receive to run LECRA has been received

    £2,200.00 is allocated for the groups present and future.

Bids have been put in for the refurbishment of the IT suite within St Margarets community Centre.

6.Chairmans remarks,  Steve would like to pay tribute to all of the community and volunteers who contribute to our local community, he said that all of the improvements in the area for example the community centre ae fought for by the local community.  Steve has enjoyed his time as chair.  The partnerships that we have in our local community work for us as a community we all work together and shows what we are capable in each of our achievements.

Special thanks to Joan and Eddie Grant, Sandra and Marion who are delegates to St Margarets Partnership.  There is a vaccancy on the partnership as Annie left us last year if anyone is interested please let us know.

We should all be very proud of our achievements.

7.    Elections of officers.

The nominations are received usually a couple of weeks in advance to show prior interest and maintain good standards for our elected commitee.

Chair - Steve Wright - Elected unopposed

Vice Chair - Barry Massey - Elected unopposed

Secretary - Hans Mundry - Elected unopposed

Treasurer - Ellis Brookes - Elected unopposed

Auditors - Corin Trivass and Roger Sinnott.

8.    Re - election of committee. - New committee member - Woody.

Current members as follows …

9.    Barry Massey will replace Annie on LECRA …???  Barry asked also for it to be noted that Marian has been a huge help to St Margaret's.

10.    Open forum,

A resident asked regarding wheelie bins being left outside her son's flat on Kingsway on a busy pedestrian corner.  People are not putting their bins away after refuse collection.  Causing danger to pedestrians as they have to walk into the road to pass.  Steve will monitor this as he is unsure of if the return bins to your own property is being enforced, John Ryan suggested a sign on the wall asking residents to take their bins back to their property following refuse collection by the council.  Steve agreed he will chase it up.

Steve also wanted to comment on the change in law regarding dog mess on our streets the PCSOs have now been given new permissions to enforce where necessary.

John Ryan and Sue Gallimore both wanted to mention litter in the area and how raising awareness is important to keep our area litter free.

Bike riding on the pavement is an issue at the moment in Latchford however it is also noted that we do not have cycle lanes like some of the other villages in Warrington.

Sandra Eaves mentioned that the newsletter should contain some information on Cycle safety.

Bill Lucas has some concerns with the parking on Prescott St at school times especially.  The junction on to wash lane is getting worse as people park so close to it it's causing obstruction and low visibility.

11.    Phil Chadwick who is one of our local Recycling experts came to speak to the group about what he does everyday to teach our next generation how to look after their community and their world.  Phil goes into schools all over Warrington and inspires our kids to get recycling for their future on this planet.  He told us a lot of heartwarming accounts of his interactions with these children and the effect that his teaching has on their whole outlook.

He is doing an amazing job and it was great for us to see the difference he makes to the younger generation in our own community.  We hope he continues to educate these children and thank him for educating us a little.

Meeting ended.